Driving Force has its own online training portal which provides an extensive range of sector-specific training courses.

Access to specific courses will be provided by your consultant on request.


Training courses include the following: 

Asbestos Awareness

Chemical Safety Awareness

Cyber Security Awareness

CPC Training

Module 1: Control of the Vehicle and Eco Driving Techniques

Module 2: Minimising Risks and Managing Emergencies

Module 3: Health and Safety of the Professional Driver

Module 4: Role of the Professional Driver

Module 5: The Professional Truck Driver

Module 6: The Professional Bus Driver

Driver Safety Awareness

Drug and Alcohol Awareness for Employees

Drug and Alcohol Awareness for Managers

Display Screen Equipment Awareness

EMF & RF Awareness

Environmental Awareness

Fire Safety

Fire Safety Awareness

Fork Lift Training

Fraud Awareness for Employees


Fraud Awareness for Managers

Health and Safety Awareness

Homeworker Awareness

Legionella Awareness

Manual Handling – Online Theory and Practical Assessment

Noise Awareness

Return to work Covid Awareness

Stress Awareness for Employees

Stress Awareness for Managers

Working at Height